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Are you a business that doesn’t have time to post their content?

If that’s you, I have a solution!

Who I Am

I’m a spunky girl living in Colorado, who decided to start a business on her own. The name is Christina Kachanovsky. I was originally Derkach, but here’s the funny part, both names have KACH in them. So why not use Kach for everything? It sounds like “catch” and for people not to say “kack”, this was a fun way of introducing how to say my name and including it on all social media sites. I am purpose-driven and strive to succeed. Not only for myself, but your business too.

When I moved to Colorado, I decided to go for my BA in English Writing and I got it! I absolutely love writing blogs, essays, and anything in between. I write on my personal blog when I have time, adventinas.wordpress.com. On my blog, I talk about how I am a wife and a mom of a toddler. I talk about my journey to build a business on my own from the comfort of my own home. However, I can make meetings or trial runs happen via video chat or in person. This is my absolute dream job in which I have such a passion for! If you are running your dream business, let’s both dream together and make great things happen!

Little Owl Coffee

Why You Need Me

So you opened up your own coffee shop or you travel to do photography. Maybe you work from home doing wedding hair and makeup. However, you cannot make the time, nor do you have the energy to post all your content (stories, pictures, experiences) on social media or your website. I can help you!

I absolutely love content creation. What that means is I will manage your content, audience, posting times, SEOs and hashtags, and blogs!

We can meet via the internet or in-person. We talk. You tell me what you are struggling with. I help you. I do not advertise myself as someone who will gain you followers. If you are looking for that, pay for an app. Instead, I take the time that you don’t have, to find people interested in your product. You sell baby clothes on Amazon? I find people on Instagram who have babies! Need people to notice you do couple’s photography? I write stories on your blog and use SEO tags to find clients looking for your services!

It is not the amount of followers you have on Instagram, anyone can pay their way out to show the world they are “popular.” Instead, it is the amount of people actually interested in your services or products. I help them find you. I do all the inside work, while you live your life making money for yourself and/or family!

Do you want that?

List of Services

  • First meeting. Free. We get to know each other. I tell you ways I can help your business. This can be through email, video chat, or a short phone call.
  • Mentions. $. A quick way to get noticed and gain more of an audience through my mention of your business on different social media platforms. (I share your IG, FB, or website).
  • Content Blogging . You tell me what you need done, I write your content. $ per word count.
  • Trial Run. $$. Includes gathering content, getting to know the business, creating a website/IG/Facebook Page/Blog/Yelp/etc. if you don’t already have one. This is for businesses with no social marketing experience who need a little bit extra to start-off.
  • Marketing Your Business. $$. I create, build, market, and manage your business through different social media platforms.
  • Already Have All This? $$ I establish consistency and keep you sane. I work on small ways to get you noticed, and study new ideas to keep up the creativity.

Want To Know More?? Email Me.

Kach Me Marketing

Let’s Talk!

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